Features and using the MIND PHUC ® dating app. 

We appreciate your interest to find out more about what Mind Phuc offers. 

Our growth depends on all of our members having a positive online dating experience. 

Mind Phuc is currently offered in English worldwide as an android app via Google Play with iOS planned for 2022 along with more language options to arrive as memberships increase. 

Below is your mini-guide to navigating the app and where you will see how the features are used and what you get when using the free-mode versus upgrading to MEGA PHUC. 

Phuc Yeah! ™ 

This is where your adventure begins! To like someone just slide their card to the right or smash the fireworks to say Phuc Yeah! Do it 50x a day for free while upgraded members can go all day and night, unlimited times. 


To destroy all doubt, slide your new favorite person’s card up or hit this small powerful rocket. It will show up on your card when this person sees you as an indicator that you think they’re stellar! Enjoy shooting for the stars 1x every day for free and get 10 every day when you are upgraded. Buy more Phuc-tastics for as low as $1 each, sold as x5, x25, and x60. 

Phuc No! 

Um, yeah, nothing much else to say here. Unlimited anytime for all. 


We’ve all made mistakes, this feature will take back yours but only works if you are upgraded to MEGA PHUC. If you are, click it to undo your last Phuc No! or go in your settings to undo ALL (up to 999) of them at once.

VIP ‘Jump the Line’ Card

Feel confident with a boost above the rest for a full 60-minutes. Start with one (1) card when you sign-up and you get 10 every month when you’ve upgraded. *Proceeds from buying VIP Cards go to a charitable group of your choice and are less than $1 each, sold each from 1 to 99 cards.

Using the app FREE


  • Use your Google or Facebook account or mobile number to register/sign-up. 

    • If using a mobile number or if one isn’t accessible when connecting by way of your Google or Facebook account, an email address might also be requested. 

    • A one-time passcode (OTP) will then be sent to verify the existence of the mobile number which thereby removes the likelihood of the user being fake. 

Profile (editing)

  • Once a few mandatory questions have been filled in on your profile, answer the rest to fine-tune your profile for optimal viewing by others and for making better connections! 

  • The additional questionnaire is where the magic begins! This unique set of 40 Yes/No questions is free to use and to get your results, and it only takes a short time to complete. The results will lead you to in the right direction for your relationship goals and success. 

Profile Cards (viewing) 

  • Flip through people’s image cards; we hope it is love at first sight. One main image from the users’ possible 6 they can upload will be shown here with their name, age, and a self-given headline. 

  • Click on the “ i ” in the top right corner to open the profile. 

    • Note: As any blacked-out profile image states, proceed at your own risk because the image will not be censored if you continue. * Please report inappropriate images immediately either through the ‘report’ icon in the app or ContactUs@mindphuc.com

Safety and Security 

  • A member can report another for inappropriate images or actions if they believe them to be fake, malicious, or spam, or for a variety of other reasons and we will follow-up accordingly.  

  • Note: Report any User’s inappropriate images and Mind Phuc will investigate and censor (black-out) the profile image if it violates our Terms. Mind Phuc will then contact them to remove it. Otherwise, the image and/or the member may be removed/banned.

  • Note: While chatting using the Virtual Virtues (video chat) feature, each user has the option to blur the video while streaming or pause the video instead of disconnecting. 

  • SAFETY TIP: If using a Samsung S9 smartphone, built into the settings you will find an emergency feature for when you are going out and want added security. 

Settings > Advanced features > Send SOS messages (set this up now) 

Worldwide Searches

  • From the Settings page, all members can select anywhere in the world to search for the perfect partner. The boundary is preset to 500 km from your selected location but can be lessened when the MEGA PHUC upgrade is purchased to help find a match closer to you.  

Messaging (text-based) 

  • Members can freely use the text-based chat as much as they want with another person after both users have opted to like each other. 

  • We encourage using the optional Virtual Virtues (video chat) over text-based chat when possible for a more personable approach. As a result, and to be able to offer a low or no-cost option to users, text-based messages are purged when reaching 15 days old.

  • While safety is a major concern,  we hope that our members take precautions such as not sharing personal information like contact numbers, etc. unless absolutely sure about their own welfare. 

Using the app UPGRADED >> MEGA PHUC 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month subscriptions available.

  • Undo one (1) or ALL (999) of your Phuc No swipes every month, and 

  • Narrow down the playing field (decrease the search area), and

  • Use the ‘special sauce’ questionnaire as the primary match criteria, and ... Oh, just check us out! We're your new friend with benefits.