Don’t let the name fool you. 

Phuc, pronounced "foop", is a Vietnamese word that commonly translates to good fortune and happiness

The MIND PHUC ® dating app is fresh and gratifying. 

This fun and easy-to-use app is focused on matching you with a partner that will complement your personality and sexuality. 

Eyes see the spark, the mind sees the heart. 

When pursuing a relationship the first spark generally begins with physical attraction; hence the term, love at first sight. But did you know, from when you were in your tween years your subconscious mind was building the foundation for who is most suitable for you in a long-term relationship? 

Mind Phuc does not use Myers-Briggs tests in the matchmaking process, instead uses a model that reveals relationship patterns found in your inner mind. After completing the FREE questionnaire added inside your profile, your results may prove to be insightful and help accelerate finding your forever partner and it works regardless of sex or gender. 

Be part of the new dating revolution! Be confident, be proud, and be happy!       


Because your mind is deeply connected, without realizing it you could also be sabotaging yourself and hindering your relationship from succeeding, or your partner unbeknownst is doing it to you. When you seek out a long-term relationship but you end up choosing to date the wrong type of partner, Mind Phuc can connect you with your TRUEST match. 

"As a Therapist, I have used this unique model to help clients gain powerful insight into explaining their past or current relationship and how to achieve relationship success!" Birgitta V. - Alberta, Canada 

Search for your new phuc (happiness) anywhere around the world; feel free to roam simply by changing your location. When you see someone that interests you, just slide their card to the right or hit the fireworks to say Phuc Yeah! ™ or one-up that by telling them they’re Phuc-tastic!. Message as much as you want for FREE when you both like each other or go live one-on-one with the optional video chat. 

Do you want more stability with your significant other and your goal is happily-ever-after? The upgrade to MEGA PHUC (Mega Happiness) is less than 10 dollars a month and will take you to that next level by using the added questionnaire as the main criteria to find your perfect match and this also gives you extra bonuses that if used would essentially make your whole phuc-ing experience free. To find out more about the features and what you get while using free or paid options check out the Features and Use page. 

Take control of your happiness today! Join Mind Phuc ™ for FREE and get started instantly

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